20+ DIY Toilet Paper Roll Crafts For Adults, Kids, Toddlers, Valentines & Christmas

20+ DIY Toilet Paper Roll Crafts For Adults, Kids, Toddlers, Valentines & Christmas

TOILET PAPER ROLL CRAFTS – Most of people around the world only know one thing about toilet paper roll i.e. for cleaning up human fesses. That is it. However, you can make fantastic crafts out of it. Toilet paper rolls are pretty good for crafting.

Moreover, kids love to make unique crafts. If you are a mother or a teacher or an artist, this article will give you the best reference. Fulfill your day by making crafts. It will be so much fun. Be creative and you can possibly sell them too. You can be rich by making crafts. It sounds fantastic, doesn’t it?!

Basically, there are so many possibilities when you make crafts especially from toilet paper roll. This article will give you creativity based on wonderful imagination of creative people.

You do not need to worry because it will be so easy to read and figure out every creativity which is delivered by this article. All you need to do is have some fun, be happy and be creative more. Buy the toilet paper rolls for sure. You will need a lot of them.

Where does This Idea Come from?

I gather information from creative people in the neighborhood. I interview them and talk about the origin of the idea. Most of them have the same answer. In the beginning, they do not anything to do when they are home alone. When they see toilet paper rolls on desk, the cone up with the idea. After some period of time trying, they finally find the brilliant idea towards the rolls. They try to make fabulous crafts out of toilet paper rolls. They all things have been done, they get so satisfied with the result. They are happy to share this knowledge with other people.

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts For Very Young Children

Kids are big fans of crafts. Their time is about exploring things around them including toilet paper rolls. You can make their day fun by teaching them how to make fantastic crafts out of toilet paper rolls. This is also good for getting them used to take care of bathroom and toilet. If they like toilet paper crafts making, they will possibly want to keep the bathroom or toilet clean and nice. Moreover, this is a good reason to make them love cleaning toilet and bathroom as soon as possible.

There are many themes that you can make crafts from. Kids love animals, cartoon figures, superheroes, even food. You can make creation based on animals’ appearance including their colors. Kids love it a lot. You can start with fish. This animal is the easiest example to make. Moreover, many fish have many kinds, colors and patterns. Therefore, you and your kids or young students can be very creative and have some fun.

Cool Wall Ornament

Cute toilet paper tube crafts for adultssource: s966.info

Are you get bored with your wall? Why not try to make some crafts to make it nice to look at. Commonly, toilet paper rolls are very good for making flower like ornament. You can attach the crafts on the wall very easily. There are many flowers that you can take as examples. Most of them are very colorful and beautiful. You can be as creative as you can by doing so time after time.

Actually, flowers have many kinds, colors and patterns. Your wall will look gorgeous. The nuance of your house will be more lively and cozy. It looks like you bring nature into your house. You can sell crafts making service to your customers too and be rich. Some people are very lazy or do not have time to decorate their wall. It will be a good chance to offer people such skill

Egg Containers

Egg Containers
source: cdn.diys.com

It looks like your egg containers in your fridge are too plain and boring. Be creative! You can make brand new look of egg containers with toilet paper rolls. It sounds unique, doesn’t it?! For sure, there will be many shapes and forms of the crafts. Sometimes, you di not only store chicken eggs in the fridge. There are other eggs namely duck eggs, kiwi eggs, turkey eggs, crane eggs, goose eggs and any other ones. All of them have different size and shape.

If you make a handmade egg containers, all of those eggs can be put in fitly and nicely. You can colorize the crafts with beautifully mixed colors. The possibilities are borderless. You can also place them in your café or restaurant as ornament. You can also sell them to get a lot of money. Online market makes it easier to sell stuff. If your work is neat and nice, I am sure you will get many customers.

Paper Flower Pots

Paper Flower Pots
source: cdn.diys.com

Have you ever thought that your flower pots are too old? Well actually, you can still keep them. Nonetheless, I will tell you that nowadays, paper flowers are booming like the nuke on the moon. You do not need to water them everyday. They will last like forever. There will be no dirt falling out of them. Your house will be cleaner. Furthermore, there many possibilities to make paper flowers with the pots. All of them are made of toilet paper rolls.

It will be very attractive and interesting. If you can make them good and unique, you can sell them online. Paper flowers and paper flower pots are very ideal for decoration. They can be placed in house, cafe, restaurant, office or even classroom. It needs less maintenance than real natural flowers and pots. Teach people how to make them. I feel your talent is very fantastic. Open craft making class and get some money.

Music Notation Symbol

Music Notation Symbol
source: cdn.diys.com

Are you a big fan of music? For many people, music is terrific. It can make you relaxed, happy, sad, remember the pass or nostalgic moments, or even energized. In order to unite with music, you need to make ornaments which are inspired by music notation symbol. If you do not know the symbols but are interested, you can browse on internet to see a bunch of notation symbols. Yes, music symbols are so various.

There are symbols for rhythm, value, dynamics and command in music sheet. Make those symbols into unique crafts. It will be nicer if you colorize them beautifully. It is difficult at all. If you work in music school, this will be perfect to decorate the rooms with the crafts. Your students will love them. Musical symbols bring happiness and good nuance. Your mood will be better tine after time.

Toilet Paper Roll Based Napkin Rings

Toilet Paper Roll Based Napkin Rings
source: cdn.diys.com


In some occasion, eating food has to be formal and neat. One of the conditions that you have to fulfill is you have to use napkin ring to make the napkin tidy and neat. If you roll in your napkin then put it in a napkin ring, your dinner will possibly be perfect. You can make crafts based on this idea. You can make napkin rings from toilet paper rolls. That will be very unique and clean. If you can make them nice, sell them and get some money. Who knows this might be a potential business in the future.

You can make them small, medium or big. Moreover, you can apply many colors on them. Furthermore, the rings are very eco friendly. It will not pollute the environment. There are many needs of napkin rings especially from big restaurants and cruse ships. They can order thousands of napkin rings. Get ready to be rich by selling toilet paper roll based napkin rings worldwide. People will like them a lot.

Mythological Creatures

We all know that kids love mythological creatures. Even some of us are big fans of them. Gods of Egypt, Rome, Greek and any other versions from other countries look very attractive. Mermaid, Pegasus, goblin, dwarfs, unicorn, giant, monsters, tooth fairy are moat famous mythological creatures on earth. You can make crafts based on this idea. Nowadays, crafts can make a lot of money. This is for real! Make them and sell them now!

Most of the mythological creatures have their own unique colors and expressions. Be creative to make them look as alive as possible. Kids will love them. The crafts will be like toys, unique toys. Craft artists can earn a lot of money just from making and selling such thing. Remembering that there are so many mythological creatures out there, I am sure that you will not run out of idea. Make cool crafts and be  millionaire!


Almost everyone on this planet love superheroes. If you do not like mythological creatures, you’d better like superheroes. Kids, teenagers, even adults have their own favorite superhero. You can make based on your own or ask your kids or students about their own. I am sure that it will be so much fun. This is also a good start to teach young people the good examples of superheroes namely diligent, smart, persistent, brave, confident, just, strong, determined, kind, nice, appreciating and any other positive things.

Most of superheroes are colorful. It is good to make ones colorful. In a matter of fact, some adults really like superhero toys. The toys can be expensive too. Creativity can make you rich. Toilet paper rolls are ideal to be used for making superhero toys. You can make the small one or the enormous one. Each size has its own price and difficulty to make. Make sure you make them good and nice!

Pen Storage

Cute xmas toilet roll for kidssource: preschoolactivities.us

You have a lot of pens, pencils, rulers, erasers, paper clips but you do not how to make them well organized and tidy? Well, you read the right article my man. Students and teachers need pen storage on their desk. Even adults need it too especially for those who work as administrator and manager. It will be easy to find pen if you use pen storage. Fortunately, toilet paper rolls are very useful for making such thing.

You can make colorful pen storages with any size. People will like them a lot. You can sell them online. I think that unique pen storages are more preferred by people nowadays. Plastic is not good for environment. It can pollute the environment. Moreover, it is not easy to recycle. In fact, the movement of rejecting the use of plastic increases day after day. People are more are of keeping their environment clean and healthy.

Tidy Workstation

If your office or working room looks like exploded ship, then it is time to make it as tidy as the march of soldiers. Sir yes Sir! The advantages if you make your workstation neat are plenty. First, you will not lose any of the tool you place. Second, it will be easy to clean it up from dust and animal poop. Third, better workstation can boost your mood when you work. The last but not least, tidy workstation makes you look more professional.

You can make any crafts in order to tidy your workstation. Also, do not forget to decorate it with colorful crafts. Once you become a master of decorating workstation, you can promote yourself to the world. Sell services to make other people’s workstation tidy, neat, colorful and unique. They will pay you a lot. Your hobby can become your source of money. What are you waiting for? Go get this job done and be rich!

Unique Note Taking

Amazing paper roll crafts for kidssource: sowanddipity.com

I am sure that you have ever written some message to your family when you want to go before them going home. So far, is a piece of paper that you use to write down? If it is so, try something unique my friends. Use toilet paper rolls instead of a piece of paper to tell them your written message. They will get surprised and pay more attention to what you have written. They will miss a thing of your message. This new way to write down message can be spread worldwide.  

Before you make the rolls as writing media, you can colorize them with common colors i.e. yellow, white, green or blue. Better color background means better chance to read. Your friends will like it too if you tell them. This idea comes from my friend who is very creative. She told me to do so. I tried it and my family loved it a lot. They thought it was very unique. Even my children told their friends about it. Now it is your turn to make ones.

Yarn Roll

Do you like to sew? For tailors or those who like to sew, yarn can be a problem if you do not manage it well. It can be messy and tangled. Therefore, you need a roll to tidy the yarn. Toilet paper rolls are perfect to be made as yarn roll. It is very easy to make one. You do not need extra skill. Nice yarn rolls have to be colorful. You can make each one of them colorful. One yarn roll matches with the color of the yarn.

If you are good enough in making one, you can sell it to other tailors. They can order attractive yarn rolls from you. The more rolls you sell, the richer you will be. By using yarn rolls, your sewing room will be nice and tidy. Moreover, you can easily find the right yarn that you like based on the color of the yarn.

Seed Container

Awesome tissue paper roll crafts for adultssource: gardentherapy.ca

If you live gardening, you can make seed container from toilet paper rolls. You do not need to buy plastic seed container. It is not good for your environment. If you use toilet paper roll, you can recycle them, so that they will not pollute the soil. Your plant seeds will be healthier and more alive. Once you notice them are ready to plant, you can put in them into bigger pots. It will be organic, natural and safer.

Nowadays, there are more people who love gardening. They want to make environment healthy and fresh. The need of seed containers will increase day by day. It will be a good prospect. You can make many of them and sell them to garden lovers. Profit will rise and you will be rich. As long as people want to plant trees, there will always be the need of seed containers. Take this chance and be rich.

The Home of Butterfly

Best craft paper roll holder for adultssource: naturallivingideas.com

This idea cones from my friend. She loves gardening a lot. She loves everything about gardening and plants including butterfly. As we know that butterflies are useful for pollination. Moreover, they look beautiful. Well, you can make them home by making crafts from toilet paper rolls. You cam be very creative. The more attractive the home, the more butterflies will come by. You can start from making paper flowers. After that, you can make miniature of a house as colorfully as possible.

Uniquely, butterflies cam notice if you make the attractive ones. They can see it. If you succeed making butterfly home, tell other people that you are open for order. This unique idea is actually rare. You can promote the craft online. Nowadays, people are able to know what is going on very quickly, thanks to social media and internet. This can make you wealthy. Craft artists are needed more these days.

Electrical Cord Ring

Awesome paper towel roll crafts for kidssource: naturallivingideas.com

Do you have electrical cords, many of them, but you do not know how to make them neat? Well, read this article thoroughly. The ring is made of toilet paper rolls. You can tidy up cords by inserting them into toilet paper roll. After that, you can label each roll according to the type of the cord. You will not need rope.

Moreover, you can colorize each roll so that it will be nicer. If you have many electrical cords at home, you have to make the ring.

Bird Feeder

Unique paper tube crafts for adultssource: naturallivingideas.com

If you are a bird lover, this idea will be perfect for you. Make bird feeders from toilet paper rolls. It is unique and able to attract birds. They will eat peacefully and cheerfully. It will be cheaper if you make your own. You do not need to buy ones. Moreover, you can decorate the bird feeders attractively. Mostly, birds can notice it. They will come to the feeders and ask their friends to join. That will be amazing!

Bird feeders are beneficial. It is profitable. Bird lovers need them a lot. Zoo keepers also need them for the zoo birds. Produce nice bird feeders and sell them. Animal lovers especially bird lovers will thank you a lot. Get ready to be rich, pals!


Amazing christmas toilet roll for kidssource: naturallivingideas.com

Kids love bracelet, especially if they are female. You can make bracelets from toilet paper rolls. Make them colorful. Ask your kids to make them with you. It is not difficult to make. You need, board markers or paints to colorize the bracelets. Students will like it. If you are a teacher at primary school or kindergarten, this activity will be so much fun.

The bracelets are cheap to have. You do not need to buy ones. Be creative and make ones. Creativity is limitless. Possibly, the bracelets will be sold fantastically. Promote them and wait for the next order. You will be amazed!

Lamp Cover

Lamp Cover

Decorate your lamps with the cover from toilet paper rolls. They will look nicer and cozier if you cover them with ornaments. Especially, it will be nicer for yellow or brown lamps. This is a good idea for café or restaurant. Also, you can decorate your room so that it will look warm and peaceful. Your mind will be at peace every time you enter your bedroom.

Lamp covers are easy to make. Moreover, if you can make them attractive, people will buy them. You need to take attractive pictures from every lamp cover you make. Then, post them on social media. People will know your products quickly.

Replacement of Fireplace Wood

You can burn toilet paper rolls as a replacement of wood. It will make trees grow without being cut down for fireplace ammunition. Burn as many as you can. It will be useful especially in winter. When the air turn to cold, get yourself warm by burning the rolls in the fireplace. You can do it all day. Amazingly, they will not make pollution because they are made of wood also.

Furthermore, you can be toilet paper roll distributor. You can sell it as fireplace fuel. Considering that 4 season countries are so many on earth, the order will go like crazy. Get ready to be rich by selling the fuel. Who knows Big Foot will come by for the fire.

Candle Light Holder

Amazing toilet paper tube for adultssource: naturallivingideas.com

Your candles will be safe of you put them in a holder. Toilet paper rolls are ideal for craft making. This time, you can make candle light holder from the roll. It will be very unique and rare. Be creative and make the holders as many as you can. These days, western countries need candle light holders a lot. The holders can make your bedroom look fantastic and old school.

Sell them for the world needs them like crazy. Be the best in selling candle light holders in the world. People will get amazed and war them more. Make sure you colorize the holders to attract more buyers. Say good bye to monotonous room.


Best tissue paper roll crafts for adultssource: naturallivingideas.com

Kids and young students will love it. Make puppets from toilet paper rolls. Ask them to help you make ones. It will be fantastic. This is useful to make them creative and sociable. After you are finished, teach them how to perform puppet show. They will love it a lot. Their days will be more colorful and joyful. The puppets can be colorful and attractive. Ask your kids to make them as attractive as they can.

So not forget to praise your kids or students after they are finished. The activity is pretty much liked by teachers and parents. Kids will learn hot to communicate and to colorize. Unique puppet can be sold worldwide. You can make a lot of money by selling puppets. This toilet paper roll based puppets are one of a kind. People will love them a lot.

Desk Organizer

Awesome tissue roll craft for kidssource: naturallivingideas.com

Your desk will no longer messy once you make desk organizer from toilet paper rolls. Everything from pen, pencil, ruler, eraser, paper clip and the likes will be organized well on your desk. Ask your kids to make one for themselves. Teach them to be neat and tidy. This activity is perfect for kids and adults.

Shooting Target

For shooting lovers, toilet paper rolls can be their shooting target. You cam shoot as many as you want for the rolls are very cheap. The rolls are easy to break. Moreover, they will not pollute the environment. Your shooting activity will be fun and cheap. Ask your team to prepare the rolls as many as they can. Go shooting without mercy.

Present Cover

You need to wrap your present before you give it to someone, don’t you? Well, you can make the wrap from toilet paper rolls. It is cheap. Moreover, the cover will be unique and warm. Your friend or family will love it so much. Giving present to someone will be more interesting if you use the rolls.

Moreover, you can make the rolls themselves a the present. Why not?! Present does not have to be expensive, does it?! The present are useful to make another craft from toilet paper rolls. Possibly, he or she should be craft artists like you, just kidding.

Christmas Decoration

Amazing toilet paper roll crafts for kids
source: findcraftideas.com
Cute tissue paper roll crafts for adults
source: findcraftideas.com
Best tissue roll craft for kids
source: findcraftideas.com
Awesome toilet paper tube crafts for adults
source: sassydealz.com
Unique xmas toilet roll for kids
source: findcraftideas.com
Amazing craft paper roll holder for adults
source: findcraftideas.com
Cute paper towel roll crafts for kids
source: findcraftideas.com

Your Christmas time will be more attractive you decorate the trees and rooms with toilet paper rolls. You can make Santa, dwarfs and other ornament for your Christmas tree. Kids will love to help you decorate your home for Christmas. Ask them to participate. The ornaments can be anything and colorful. It is cheaper than ones sold in the stores. Be creative and have a wonderful Christmas! Who knows Santa will cone by to ask for it. You give present to Santa clause, why not?!

Cellphone Holder

Unique toilet paper roll crafts for kids

Your cellphone will be safer if you place it in a holder. The cellphone holders can be unique and colorful. You can also sell them online. Nowadays, the need of cellphone holders increases dramatically. Get this chance to be rich! Make the nice ones and sell them all. Cellphone lovers will thank you so much.


Toilet paper rolls can be used as weapon. You can fill in the rolls with cement. Let them dry and they are ready to protect you. Throw the heavy rolls to those who want to hurt you. Do it until they surrender. No one will hurt you very easily. Anytime you are in danger, use the heavy rolls to protect yourself. After that, do not forget to run and call police. Let the police officers do their job. The most important is that you are safe.

Weight Lifter

It will be creative if you use toilet paper rolls to make barbell or weight. Just insert cement and small stones in the rolls. After that, gather more rolls into one place. After that, cover them up with concrete mixture. Let it dry. Finally, you can have concrete weight to exercise. It will be cheaper and creative.

You can adjust the amount of the rolls to have the desired weight. Be a good weight lifter by using toilet paper rolls. Let your body perfect in shape. People will get amazed when they look your creativity.

The Last Thing


At last, this is the time to be creative. You can be rich by making and selling crafts in this case, toilet paper rolls that are clearly useful. There are unlimited possibilities in creativity. Kids, teens, adults mostly love making crafts. You can open craft class online or offline. People will thank you for the creativity that you share. Craft making can be useful in stress relieving. Get up now and start making crafts from toilet paper rolls. Have a nice day and see you next time!

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