100+ Low Carb Keto Breakfast Ideas dan Recipes to Help You Burn Fat

100+ Low Carb Keto Breakfast Ideas dan Recipes to Help You Burn Fat

KETO BREAKFAST IDEAS – Good morning every one. Are you ready to read this wonderful article about the ultimate keto breakfast? Basically, if you want to have fantastic diet, you can try keto diet. If you do this kind of diet, you will be as healthy as god. You will look younger like never before. Your body shape will look like the finest creature in the entire cosmos.

Doctors suggest all the people in the world to be on this terrific diet. There are several interesting advantages from it. You have to read this article thoroughly. Actually, you have found the best keto breakfast article on Google. You do not need to find another. This will be just fine.

There are many menus in keto breakfast. Notwithstanding, before you ho further reading this article, I want you to know the meaning of keto diet. It will enable your body to have the shrinkage version of carbohydrate consumption. In contrast, it will rocket the need of fat which is combined with the right amount of so-so protein.

If you take much fat, your body will be in the state that doctors say it ketosis. You will increase the amount of ketone in your body. If you do it, your body will burn the big amount of the fat and turn in into energy. Moreover, the energy can be transferred to the brain so that you can be as smart as Nicholai Tesla. Clearly, you uae the fat to be the major fuel for your cells.

The Boons that You Will Get

You know, it has got a cool name, keto. Say it four times with the “o” rhyme and you become a cool rapper. I am doing keto yo, it’s a cool diet you know, decrease carbo till it’s low, then you are ready to go. Yeah, you are the man!

Now, get back to the reading.

This diet can manage your blood sugar if you got diabetes version number 2. You cam live linger if you take healthy fat. You can fins it in some fruits namely avocado, beans and salmon. Less carbohydrate makes you healthier. This is because your blood sugar will drop down like crazy. Make sure you monitor its level frequently. Nonetheless, if it is way too low, you’d better be carful. Manifest no ketoacidosis. Remember that.

Another boon is that you can save your epileptic child. Save your loved one by giving this diet. Research has been done towards tens of epileptic kids. The result shows that they become healthier like a horse. They will stop convulsion by more than 49%. Trust me, it works!

Say goodbye to heart disease. Have this diet and your heart will be like heart of a tiger. The fat that attaches on the heart interior will detaches fantastically. Moreover, the insulin will free fall like crazy. This makes your heart healthy and so is your blood pleasure.

Genius creates this diet with reach and experiment. Nervous system disorders will go away from you. They will leave you forever. Alzheimer will disappear.

Sleep disorder will vanish. Parkinson will be doomed. The ketone that is produced from the fat burning functions to make your brain healthy like never before.

For teenagers, this diet has cool boon. Acnes will not show on your face anymore. Furthermore, you will not have cancer in your entire life. Another possibility is that inflammation of the gout can be pressed down until it is gone.

The Right Amount of Nutrition on Ketogenic Diet

On the one hand, make sure and always remember this. You must consume 70% plus 5% healthy fat every day. Not only that, protein that you have to take is not less than 19% plus 1% per 24 hours.

Last but not least, digest 4% plus 1% carbohydrate every single day. Make sure you drink a lot of water but nit too much. Mineral water is really good at keeping your body hydrated. Moreover, it can dilute the fat.

On the other hand, there is a other type of keto diet i.e. you consume high protein. Well, the fat is still higher though. Take daily 59% plus 1% fat. After that, 4% plus 1% carbohydrate. Do not forget to consume 34% plus 1% protein.

Actually, there two more kinds of keto diet namely targeted ketogenic diet and cyclical ketogenic diet. Nonetheless, this article will not focus on that. This article will focus on the breakfast menu on the keto.

To Eat and not to Eat

Id you want to have a successful keto diet, make sure you consume egg. Also consume omega 3 as it is the best nutrition for your brain. Another food like meat, chicken, sausage, beef, pork and other four legged animals. Also, salmon, mackerel, tuna, chees and butter are good for you.

Green vegetables are good. Remember Popeye! Tomatoes, onion, chilies are fantastic. Beans, nuts, almond, sesame, pumpkin seed are good to eat.

Not only that, avocado is the king on this diet. Olive oil, avocado oil and coconut oil are a must. Make sure you take salt, pepper and other spices. For your information, spices are plenty in South East Asia and South Asia. Buy Asian spices while taking some vacation! That will be great!

Oppositely, make sure you do not consume rice, paste, cereal and other  food products which are made of wheat. Get away from sweet potatoes, potatoes and carrots. Sweet food and drink, candies, cake, fruit juice and soda are bad things. Bad fat from vegetables should not be taken in. Alcoholic beverages are disaster.

Make sure you get rid of those things. You will not succeed your diet if you break this rule. Be discipline and dedicated! Hard work will not betray the result. Trust me!

Food choices for the Keto Breakfast

You can choose plenty of menus every morning. All you need you do is read this article carefully. You will not get bored because every day will have its own menu. Prepare the menu and you will be just fantastic. There is no need to worry because all of the menus are created and tested by the brightest doctors and nutritionists on earth. Have no hesitation in choosing one every day. Moreover, it is free for you. You do need to see doctors or nutritionists. That will be expensive you know?!

All ingredient or fruits or vegetables are the best that you can have for keto diet. Please do not modify the menu otherwise you will take the risk. I would not do that if I were you. Make sure all of them are fresh and organic. Some people often forget to prepare the organic version. The best result of the diet comes from fresh and organic foods. Clean them thoroughly. Make sure you do not put them in fridge for long period of time. The fresher they are, the healthier you will be. Generally, healthy foods are plain in taste. It is normal.

Keto Breakfast with Eggs

Delicious keto breakfast casserole you Must Trysource: marthastewart.com

The eggs that I am talking about are chicken eggs, goose eggs, crane eggs, swan eggs, duck eggs and turkey eggs. They are all very healthy. Make sure you do not fry them. Fried eggs are not good for your diet. Make them boiled or steamed. You can eat both the yolk and the white. This good source of protein are truly remarkable. You can make food with eggs but do not fry them. Remember that!

Spiced Tomato Sauce on Eggs

Low Carb keto breakfast vegetarian to Help You Burn Fatsource: cookinginsens.wordpress.com

You can add chilly or pepper to get the spicy taste. Tomatoes are very good too if you want to add it in your food. Chilies contain vitamin C which is good for metabolism. If you do not want to catch a cold easily then consume chilies, tomatoes and eggs every day.

Healthy Pizza

Amazing keto breakfast meal prep Guidesource: cdn.co

Pizza can very good also for keto breakfast. Make sure you put on the I ingredient that are written above. Mux and match. Make healthy pizza. Learn how to cook pizza and be like great Italian chef. Make the world proud of you. Take some cooking class if you lack of cooking skill. Yes, you can! Remember what our former president said. Yes, we can!

Hamburger, Eggs and Avocado in a Plate

Tasty keto lunch for a Grab-and-Go Breakfastsource: ketosummit.com

You can make hamburger which is mixed with eggs and avocado. Can you imagine how tasty it will be? Of course it is tasty and fantastic. Try it and you will want it every day! It is very easy to get them prepared. Take avocado and then blend it thoroughly. Put some eggs in it and then blend again. After that, pour the sauce on to the hamburger. Eat it as if it is the end of the world.

Eggs with Sausage and Spinach

The Perfect keto breakfast no eggs to Start Your Daysource: nbcnews.com

Do you remember Popeye? He has got his muscular body by eating spinach. It will be more than Popeye if you add tomato sausage and eggs. The sausage is made of pork or beef. You know about the eggs that I am talking about already. The composition of those three ingredient will change you into hulk. That must be amazing and crazy my man!

Ultimate Scramble for Super Keto Breakfast

Recipes ketogenic breakfast menu you Must Trysource: Food52.com

Eat scramble every day will make you look younger. Of course with the ingredient above. Moreover, almost everybody love scramble. Healthy scramble is a must for you. Plain scramble is very healthy. You can add fish eggs or turtle eggs in to the mixture.

Paleo Tomato plus Egg Scramble

Simple quick keto breakfast to Help You Burn Fatsource: eatdrinkpaleo.com

Kids love paleo tomato and egg scramble. I am sure you like them too. Eat the scramble with your beloved ones. Have the keto breakfast with joyful heart. This menu is very remarkable. It is very simple yet very healthy. Make your own and happy eating!

Paleo Breakfast plus Sausage Scotch Eggs

Favorite undefined Guidesource: paleocajunlady.com

This is the badass of the keto breakfast menu. Paleo plus sausage plus Scotch eggs will be perfect. Eat happily and be energized. It is delicious. Your kids will love it.

Hazelnut, Feta And Rosemary Frittata

Healthy keto breakfast indian for a Grab-and-Go Breakfastsource: ketosummit.com

Those three plants are chosen to be eaten by keto diet lovers. They contains vitamin B, D and E. Girls love it and so do boys. You can buy them in traditional market. Even though actually you can find them in supermarket too. Choose the fresh ones buddy. Be picky for the sake of your health.

Spicy Egg Frittata

Yummy keto diet lunch to Start Your Daysource: megiswell.com

Frittata can be very good if you add some spicy eggs from turkey or turtle. This one tastes very delicious. Europeans and Americans like it a lot. It is very easy to cook. You do not need to be a pro to do so. You can sell it too and be rich! These days, spicy egg Frittata has got big fans worldwide.

Asparagus, Bacon and Feta Springtime Frittata

The Best ketogenic breakfast menu you Must Trysource: pinterest

You can do the business in Frittata. Make the good one with asparagus, bacon and feta. People even the Grey love them a lot. You can open a small café or restaurant if you want to sell it. You can be heathy and at the same tine, you are rich.

Healthy And Balanced Frittata

Delicious keto breakfast eggs to Help You Burn Fatsource: pinterest

Make the balanced version of Frittata by combining the ingredients that you think the best. Of course you need to remember what to eat and what not to based on my explanation above. Healthy balanced Frittata can be alternative in your breakfast menu. Eskimos love it a lot. Sell it to the north pole tribe and be rich!

Ketogenic Drawn Pork and Jalapeno Frittata

Low Carb keto breakfast vegetarian Guidesource: pinterest

This menu is inspired by hungry yet healthy men. One day, some healthy men get themselves very hungry in the middle of jungle. Then, they try to get some pork and make Frittata. The Frittata which is made of pork and Jalapeno amazes them all. After that, they come back to the world and start making and selling this terrific menu.

Peppered Bacon and Pesto Frittata

Amazing keto breakfast meal prep for a Grab-and-Go Breakfastsource: popularpaleo.wordpress.com

Pepper is very good to boost your energy in the keto diet. Not only that, if you combine it with Pesto Frittata, it will be much better. If you add some bacon in it, then you make the most fantastic breakfast menu on earth.

Red Capsicum, Chorizo and Tomatoes

Tasty keto breakfast no eggs to Start Your Daysource: eatdrinkpaleo.com

Those three ingredients are good to make Frittata. The red capsicum is the key. While chorizo is the second key. Clearly, tomatoes are the third key. Make the best of them and sell it to the world. You can eat it and make people consume it too. Sone artifact says that those three item were once used to make food for the gods from far away galaxy.

Smoked Pork, Kale and Olives Frittata Cups

Smoked Pork, Kale and Olives Frittata Cups
source: netdna-ssl.com

Some tribe in a remote area in Europe makes smoked pork, kale and olive Frittata. They like it a lot. Then, modern chefs from another region of the world do some research. They find it at last. The chefs, they are very happy. They ask for the tribe to bring such wonderful menu to the world. Finally, they open a restaurant and sell this Frittata. They become very rich and you can be rich too.

Jalapeno Popper Frittata

Jalapeno Popper Frittata
source: pinterest

Ancient tribe in Europe makes this food with live and clear mind. Jalapeno Popper Frittata once was called Jaxaceno Zopper Pitapita. Runor says that the gods who once flew down the sky taught the tribe this recipe. After they had taught the tribe, they came back to their realm i.e. another galaxy. Their realm was called Mongzox by the tribe. If you eat this, you are lucky because this menu was taught 20 thousand years ago.

Spiced Beef and Kale Frittata

Simple keto breakfast casserole Guidesource: bitesoutoflife.com

The combination of the two is very remarkable. Your keto diet will be successful if you eat it every day. The beef is delicious and contains high protein while Kale Frittata contains lots of vitamins. If you gather them, you create very healthy food. The Norway live it a lot. You can love it too if you make one.

Milky Pizza Frittata

Favorite keto breakfast vegetarian for a Grab-and-Go Breakfastsource: : pinterest

Add some milk of cow or sheep or goat or horse to the pizza. Make a nice one with green vegetable. The pizza is actually a Frittata. Some people call it pizza Frittata. Whatever the name is, you should try it. I am sure you will love it. Milk has high protein and higher fat. Milk is perfect for keto diet. Kids and teenagers love it very much. Adults will go crazy for it. The pizza Frittata is very healthy and delicious.

Baked Tomato and Egg

Healthy keto breakfast meal prep to Start Your Daysource: marthastewart.com

You can bake tomatoes with some eggs. The result is one-of-a-kind. This us the favorite food that Jancux tribe really like. The tribe lives in a very traditional way. Luckily, some foreigners visited their land and asked for their favorite food. They got surprised when they ate baked tomatoes and eggs. Nowadays, people can taste the food easily. You can have it too. The tribe calls it Budeg. You can find this food in restaurants around Switzerland.

Baked Eggs in Portobello Mushroom

Yummy keto lunch you Must Trysource: : paleospirit.com

This one comes from a tribe in the jungle of Koplax near Indonesia. This menu is basically made of Portobello mushroom and baked eggs. The eggs are not chicken eggs. They are snake eggs. They are very healthy and contains protein and high fat. The snake is anaconda. This is not usual food you can have in city. The origin of this food cones from the tribe which is called Ragenach. This is the favorite food of the tribe.

Stuffed Peppers Menu

The Best keto breakfast no eggs to Help You Burn Fatsource: : paleoleap.com

Peppers are amazing. You can make food which is called Pecox. This food combine pepper and crocodile eggs. The food can be found easily in Cambodia, Philippine and Vietnam. The menu is very good for keto duet. It contains high fat and low carbohydrate. You can actually make your own if you can get crocodile eggs.

Baked Eggs with Bacon and Green Vegetable

Delicious ketogenic breakfast menu Guidesource: : againstallgrain.com

Baked eggs are very usable to make keto menu. Bacon is perfect for protein source with high fat. While green vegetable enable you with fiber and minerals. Actually, the idea cones from adventure that was dine by some professor of food in Indonesia. They met local tribe and were offered a menu which was called Blokgo. The food was very nice and tasty. Try it my pal!

Ant Eggs

Low Carb quick keto breakfast for a Grab-and-Go Breakfastsource: : pinterest

Basically, you can make menu based on eggs or whatever eggs that you want. Ant eggs are food also to make one. This kind of egg has good protein and high fat.

Ant eggs are develop and reproduce carefully in some area namely Java, Kalimantan and Papua. Do not get me wring, the food which us based in ant eggs is very delicious and healthy. Try it and invite the Ant Man!

Baked Eggs in Pork

Amazing undefined to Start Your Daysource: : belgoods.com

This idea cones from China. We know that Chinese people are very good at cooking. They insert baked eggs into pork. Then they baked the filled pork with oyster sauce and onion. The result is remarkable. Hundreds of years ago, this food was the king’s favorite. This food was the idea of a Chinese chef from Huang Dynasty named Ceng Xing Xue.

Turtle Eggs Meu

Tasty keto breakfast indian you Must Trysource: : theworktop.com

You can eat this food in Japan, China and Indonesia. These countries have huge amount of turtles. Some of the turtles are wild and some others are farmed.

Clearly, the eggs are very delicious and healthy. Try the food while going for some vacation un beautiful countries. Who knows you will meet someone you live there and open turtle restaurant. You can be rich my man!

Rosemary Spaghetti Squash Egg

The Perfect keto diet lunch to Help You Burn Fatsource: : mastercook.com

Wow yummy is the food. For those who love spaghetti, this will be the new idol. Add some squash egg on it and there you have it. Best spaghetti should be half cooked. While the best eggs belong to swan egg. Can you imagine how delicious it is? Taste the swan eggs while you chew the spaghetti. Mostly, you have to add swan sauce on it to get the better taste.

Baked Eggs in Avocado

Recipes ketogenic breakfast menu Guidesource: : downshiftology.com

Have you ever tried eating baked eggs with avocado sauce on top of them? This menu is liked a lot by king Gendheng. He was the king of ancient Ketan kingdom. This kingdom was located in Sunda Land. This menu is very healthy. It is very easy to make. Buy the fresh ones. Eat happily and see the best result.

Italian Scramble Egg

Favorite keto breakfast vegetarian to Start Your Daysource: maryannridinispencer.com

This one comes from Italy. Italians live it a lot. The secret is that you use swan eggs which are mixed with mountain goat meat. Heat them up with medium heat of fire which comes from active charcoal. Do not forget to add some Chinese wine and pig oil.

Onion is the last ingredient to make it terrific. Actually, the history says that in 1450, a Chinese chef named Bo Ra Ro was invited by the Emperor to collaborate with his Italian chef. The result was absolutely fantastic. They called it Ragenac.

Breakfast Caprese Omelet

The Best keto breakfast Guidesource: milklife.com

This omelet is the most wanted omelet in Italy since 1622. The caprese omelet was originally created by Italian chef named Murongoz Gondez.

The idea comes when he watches a group of swan playing with the river in front of the Empire. He creates the omelet with oassion and love. He makes it for his beloved one named Patting Gerendel.

Smoked Pork and Mushroom Omelet

Delicious keto breakfast indian for a Grab-and-Go Breakfastsource: pinterest

Mushroom is healthy. Smoked pork is delicious and nutritious. Combine those two items into one. You will have the perfect food for Zangar the warrior of the Gendengz kingdom. He was back then in 1488 very renown in the whole world. His favorite food was Belengerz. This is the name of the food that I am talking about. His power comes from this food. Try it and be strong like Zangar.

Guacamole plus Clambered Eggs

Low Carb keto breakfast casserole to Start Your Daysource: food52.com

Guacamole will be perfect if you add some clambered eggs on it. Guacamole is very good for keto diet. Clambered eggs are good for protein source. You combine those two for maximum result. The name Guacamole comes from the meditation by ancient Italian hermit. The name meant rainbow in the ancient time. Nowadays, guacamole is a name of food.

Baked Eggs with Spinach plus Roasted Garlic

Recipes keto breakfast no eggs for a Grab-and-Go Breakfastsource: whatshouldimakefor.com

Dracula liked it a lot when he was alive. Combine those threw and you will have Bangbajix. It is the name of the food that contains baked turtle eggs, spinach and roasted garlic. Eat it and be the next Dracula.  

Turtle Soup plus Poached Egg

Simple ketogenic breakfast menu to Start Your Daysource: pinterest

This is for serious keto lovers. Combine poached egg with turtle meat and broth. You will love the result. This food has a name actually.

The Japanese ancestors called it Sakukurata. They live it like crazy. No wonder Japanese people are slim and healthy. This food is their secret. You can eat this ancient menu also. Sakukurata has amazing taste. Try it but before that, find the turtle!

Smoked Field Mushroom plus Duck Eggs

Favorite quick keto breakfast you Must Trysource: bonappetit.com

This is the favorite food of Nusantaran people in the ancient time. They called it Martabak. The filling is smoked field mushroom plus duck eggs. Mixed and shake them all thoroughly. The result is very tasty food. Martabak can make you healthy and slim. You can be rich too by selling it to people. Upload your video on YouTube.

Luscious Shrimp plus Breakfast Bacon

Low Carb keto breakfast eggs you Must Trysource: pinterest

The shrimps come from Atlantic ocean. You can have the best shrimps from there. The bacon that you can get cones from Guang Zhou, China. Mixed them both and eat fantastic food. Chinese people call it Ling Lung Lo. Make your own Lung Lung Lo and eat happily.

Snake Meat plus Pork


Cook pork and snake neat to crate Josogandoz. This food is widely loved by Bekasakan people. Sell this food and be rich! You can be healthy and at the same time rich. This food is very delicious. You will be famous if you sell it in your area.

Goat Meat and Buffalo Meat


This is one-of-a-kind. Goat meat and buffalo meat can be mixed to create amazing food which is named Nguntal. This food is created by Sanajan tribe. This is only cooked for ceremony. Sanajan offers it to the gods. Therefore, if you eat it, you are the god. Nguntal is very popular in the tribe. It is remarkably tasty and contains high fat and protein.

Chicken Meat plus Duck Meat

Try to cook those meats. If you can find the ancient recipe which is called Zerba Penyeto, you can make fabulous food ever. Make sure you add pig oil and Chinese wine. This food is commonly liked by the people of Kremoeng Garinx. You will like it too. It contains vitamin D, protein and high fat. Your keto diet will be successful.

The Decision

Now, this us the tine to decide. Choose the best menu that you like most. Start make one by yourself. All of the menus are easy to make and simple. All of then are healthy and nutritious. Make your keto diet succeed. Moreover, this behavior can make you rich. You can sell the menus in a restaurant, café or online market. Most of people are lazy to make their breakfast especially for diet purpose. See this chance and take it wholeheartedly.

The most acceptable reason you will take keto diet is health. Be healthy. Be rich. Be creative. Considering that more people want o be healthy and slim, tell your friend and family members about this diet. Do not forget to help them make the best menus especially for keto breakfast. May the force be with you. We are one with the force and the force is one with us. Healthy people eat healthy food. Do not forget to exercise daily if you want to see the best result of the diet.

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