30+ Most Popular Basement Flooring Ideas For Your Lovely Home

Basement Flooring Ideas – When we talk about basement flooring, we need to be cautious. Basement flooring has different character and needs special treatment. In basement flooring, we need to fight against humidity.  Mostly, because the distance is very close to the ground and the dry condition will not make any difference. Hence, some tips for ordinary flooring will not work here.

In case the flood happens, basement flooring can become a swamp-like scene. As we mentioned previously, humidity is the key. But, if we cannot avoid that, then we should find the best way possible to keep it dry. Here, we will drop lines about basic rules, what kind of basement flooring you can apply for yours, a few handy tips and some more stuff. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Basement Flooring Basic Rules

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As we have known, basement flooring is special flooring. It needs precise treatment before you apply your ideas there. You need to be very careful and concentrate at full throttle.

  • Expect the best, prepare the worst. It is the main thing if you want to put carpet or rug on your basement. With an A-class carpet or rug, probably, you will have more than 10 years. Branded stuff may guarantee your satisfaction in those years continually. High class means thick and extraordinary material. However, nobody can predict the disaster; so, you need to have a plan for fear that the worst thing happens; for example, a whole replacement for it when it is needed.
  • Multi layers. You have to consider multi layers option. It seems tempting but, it will risk you more. More often than not, multi layers type will be tough to dry. It means another problem to deal with.
  • The harder, the worthier. It tops the others. Any carpet will not defeat hard material for basement floor, for example: tile or concrete. They will overtake any soft items like rug or carpet in term of performance. When you opt for them, you are almost free from any replacement. It sounds good, doesn’t it?

Basement Flooring Basic Things

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After the basic rules, we go to next things you need to think about basement flooring ideas.

  • Ceramic tile. Undoubtedly, basement flooring, which remains dry or stays safe when flood happens, is people’s favorite.  The best example is ceramic tile. Nevertheless, the other types like laminate or timber will have their own advantages. You need to consider some aspects before you have your final say.
  • Concrete. Whatever basement flooring ideas you want, first thing first, you must have a concrete basement. We assume you have it already, it is implied in our prologue.
  • Flooring Straight on Slab. Some basement flooring could be mounted straight on the concrete slab. We have to say this: ceramic tile is the ideal option to take.
  • Foam Underlayment. If you want to apply laminate flooring, you need to think about chance to mount it directly. By saying “directly,” we suggest with a foam underlayment in between the laminate and concrete. In short, there is no subfloor.
  • Sub-Floor. Another type of basement flooring will be a sleeper system of plywood. Next, you need underlayment to raise the flooring off the slab. When you opt for this, you will need long lasting flooring and carpets.

Pick Out the Right Basement Flooring Surface

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Almost all people need to utilize their residence’s square video footage. Furthermore, they also want to improve basement’s possibility as feasible space. To make your dreams basement comes true, you should begin near the bottom. Choosing the appropriate flooring has numerous rules in a basement than it performs in various other rooms. Bear in mind, if you made the incorrect choice, it is possible to have a tragedy. That’s why we have actually prepared to deliver you the best basement flooring ideas for your lovely house.

Frankly speaking, there are a lot more choices available for proper flooring in your below-ground room compared to few decades in the past. Remember, when you begin looking around, you may notice the term “listed below grade.” Do not let this problem you; it just indicates that the material is meant for underground or basement installation. No need to worry.

Watch out for this term as you evaluate your flooring alternatives. Companies are aware that customers desire items that are not only fashionable and durable, but also innovative and environment-friendly. For your information, the basement flooring market is not an exception.

Basement Plan

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It needs an honest answer from you. You have to determine the usage of your basement in the first place. If you want to use your basement for a workplace or a game room, you better opt for flooring that is sturdy and also very easy to tidy. The perfect examples for these are: discolored concrete, plastic or linoleum. Then, is there any strategy to make your basement a more comfortable spot? One tip, you need to laminate, whether rug or cork.

It is also the right time to do a little search on how much maintenance you are willing to do on your flooring. When your budget is limited and you need a fast work, you only need to paint your concrete flooring. Keep in mind, though, that it will wear in high-traffic locations and also could have to be redone every couple of years.

Probably, you want basement flooring that lives longer than your home. If so, ceramic floor tile could be the one to go. It is a matter of choice and also budget wise. Yes, you are right; it is your house, your money and also your workload. Hence, you just do what really feels right to you.

Basement Flooring Ideas

Basement Flooring Ideas
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The choice that you will apply into are even more complicated as well as elegant compared to you could expect. There are almost as several options for your basement, so as for other degree of your home. The one flooring to steer clear of from is strong wood, due to its vulnerability to deal with temperature and moisture.

We need to warn you that strong timber flooring is a little bit pricey. You also have a risk of warping and also breaking in a basement install. Therefore, strong timber is a large danger; we will not recommend you to take the risk. Nevertheless, when your heart is already set on a timber appearance, we have good news for you. There are some options which will satisfy your wood grain desires.

We provide some basement flooring ideas in gallery. You can take a look at them regarding your preparation for new flooring basement. As an addition, we have included installment costs as your consideration.  It is only are general guidelines for professional job. You need to consult local provider nearby for details quotes. Let’s go to the next lines for detailed information.


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This idea in a basement may make some people feel a little bit in doubt. But then again, there are some reasons why it becomes a choice.

They are wide variety of designs, low cost option, and also budget friendly plan choice. While some worries about rugs’ vulnerability to moisture, moisture-resistant pads are offered, and numerous synthetic below-grade carpets supply mold as well as mold resistance.

If you are afraid of discolorations as well as spills, then opt for carpet squares or tiles. Clearly, it will be easier for installment as well as substitute. The estimated cost is $2-$ 4 each square foot for the carpeting. Meanwhile for the pad will cost you $1-$ 4 per square foot, plus installment for an added $2-$ 4 each square foot.


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The toughness and countless design selections make tile remains as a popular basement flooring choice. In addition to the wide types of natural patterns available, ceramic floor tile is promoted for its water-repellent nature.

One thing to think of if however it could obtain slippery if condensation occurs, so take into consideration an anti-slip finish. The estimated price for ceramic floor tile is $1-$ 15 per square foot, depending on the style selected; installment is an additional $5-$ 10 each square foot.


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 Mostly, the low cost aspect is the basic reason why people love concrete flooring. It becomes a trend nowadays. The minimalist style may add their advantage over others. Another benefit, concrete flooring provides you a range of alternatives, for examples: acrylic paint, stain and epoxy finish.

Paint costs regarding $30 each 80-100 square feet if you do it by yourself. In particular condition you will need reapplication every two to five years. Tarnishing costs $2-$ 4 each square foot, while long-lasting epoxy coating is $3-$ 4 each square foot.

Cork Flooring

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 The demand of this soft, breathable, environment-friendly material is rising. The immune factor to microorganisms as well as water makes it a suitable option for basements flooring which deal with humidity. Probably, Cork will reveal scrapes and also hefty wear and tear. As a result, you need to think about lifestyle in advance. Nonetheless, it is relatively economical to change. The estimated cost is $2-$ 12 per square foot, and setup cost is an additional $3-$ 5 each square foot.

Engineered Wood

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In case you are new, an engineered timber is a thin veneer of strong wood that is attached to a plywood core. There are plethora of design selections in this option, as well as the resilient, easy-to-clean, easy-to-install choices have lots of choosing this made flooring. The estimated price is $2-$ 20 each square foot. Of course it depends on the style you chose. The installment expenses will be around $4-$ 5 per square foot.

Laminate Flooring

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It is almost similar to synthetized wood. Laminate flooring includes a plastic material veneer attached to a plywood core. On the other hand, laminate flooring could deceive you. You know, many samples appear like genuine wood, ceramic floor tile or rock.

It makes laminate flooring become a cut-priced option for those on a tighter budget plan, but still require the high end look of all-natural materials. As an extra benefit, numerous selections offer wetness as well as mold resistance, making it a best choice for damp cellars. The estimated price is $3-$ 5 each square foot. For setup, it is about $4-$ 5 per square foot.


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It is a budget wise option with absolute toughness. It is available in numerous rich colors and patterns. Linoleum is resilient, normally antibacterial and easy to keep. Linoleum is made of an ecofriendly material (linseed oil) and also resistant to mold, mildew and wetness. It costs you around $1-$ 5 per square foot. An added $3-$ 4 per square foot will be needed for the set up.


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If you are one of the DIY members or those who look for low priced basement flooring item, then plastic ceramic tile is a stunning option. The floor tiles can be found in various design as well as shades to fit every basement types. The self-stick options allow very easy installment and substitute. The price is $1-$ 5 per square foot. Per square foot, you will need to pay an extra $1-$ 2.

Basement Preparation

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Several factors need to be considered when you choose the flooring for your basement. One of them is humidity. It is one of the most obvious things. However, aside from humidity, there are various other problems to resolve prior to your flooring. Now, if your basement is like the majority, for example: the duct for your top degrees is accommodated in your basement ceiling; you should think the thickness of the flooring. You need to go for low profile options if that is your condition.

We have to admit, most of us do not think the levelness of the concrete piece that is the basement floor, except, it slants significantly. When we actually have flooring installed in addition to concrete, small inclines as well as flaws may affect the finished project. If the basement flooring is level, you can patch small cracks with an elastomeric sealer for concrete.

Next, we have a sloped basement. It implies that it slants more than a half-inch every 8 feet–. It will certainly call for low places to be loaded with self-leveling cement. It will require some prep of the old concrete as well as adherence to the maker’s instructions, indeed.  But once you have done it properly, you will have the degree base you need to showcase your brand-new flooring.

As aforementioned, most challenge in a lot of cellars is dampness. To solve the moisture matters in your basement, you need to set up flooring, regardless of the kind. Nobody wants to set up a remarkable floor just to have it damaged by humid and mold. The damp, humid air in your home is a substantial matter. It is the same as a natural sinks to the basement, where it condenses versus the concrete piece flooring. A dehumidifier can be an easy solution to this sort of moisture problem.

That concrete slab can be so leaky if it is not built well. It will permit outside moisture to leak right into your basement. It will be a disaster in the long run. There are a number of means to stop this from damaging your floor. For examples, you can cover or seal your basement; install a vapor obstacle or even make a raised subfloor to mount your flooring.

Best Program and Flooring

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Nobody can estimate what kind of flood will happen in the future. As a result, no matter how well you prepare your area; there is always a possibility of deluges. If your basement is vulnerable to flooding, please ensure the ground slopes around your foundation to help water run away from your structure. You can mount a sump pump (of course with the backup); or even opt for flooring items that can splash easily. You have to do wetness examinations on your concrete slab. Any kind of result over 10 percent should make you to examine and also figure out the reason.

There are some solutions to repair moist basement, for examples: dehumidifiers, sealants, vapor barriers and subfloors. Bear in mind that an increased subfloor could produce its own problems. It will happen when it comes to a flooding, by enabling a new micro-climate to flourish between the concrete and flooring. If you have a subfloor and your basement flooding, then, eliminating subfloor will certainly be an obligation.

Another best-laid plans and flooring may be a wager in a basement. Pipes damage, flooding occur, moisture gets into. You need to ensure that your brand-new flooring is mirrored in your home insurance coverage. You serve yourself the best when you pick flooring that can stand up to some dampness or could be quickly gotten rid of and also changed. You will also get extra advantages: an ended up basement flooring and also peace of mind.

Flooring will be an infinite stuff for your basement. In addition, to create a dream space or working area that enhance the value of your house, you can do these small things. First, decide what you desire your room to be used for. Next, you need to think about the realities of your basement and our basement flooring ideas.

Sorting Basement Flooring Ideas

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After some tiring lines, we almost come to an end. When we reach a point to select basement flooring, we have good news for you. Almost any kind of basement flooring is will get the nod to mount in a below-grade basement. If you set up some kinds of flooring effectively, you may be free from damp conditions as well as high humidity matters.

There are some basements flooring ideas that we have listed for you to consider. To make things easier, we also include their grade, pros and cons.

Standard Vinyl / Resilient (Tile or Sheet)


Grade: B.

Plastic flooring is  known as durable flooring. It rates up with concrete as well as ceramic floor tile as the much better basement flooring ideas. Remember that plastic flooring can be found in ceramic tile and sheet. There is also a refined difference. Sheet vinyl flooring develops a virtually smooth, water-impervious surface area on your basement flooring. It will be a constant advantage where moisture could be included.

Pros: It maintains water away, warmer, and economical and commonly dimes each square foot. Tile plastic flooring is a rapid DIY job.

Cons: Usually, people think about a low-cost repair, but, it demands a spick-and-span surface for bond.

Luxury Vinyl Ceramic Tile (Stone)

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Grade: A-.

It is not a conventional choice. It resembles actual rock, both in look as well as in structure. Ceramic tile manufacturers create different division to drive the idea that LVT is different and better. Stone-look luxury plastic ceramic tile intends to reproduce the appearance of slate, travertine, marble, as well as various other prominent stones, yet through a vinyl ceramic tile.

Pros : Its total thickness is up to two times as thick as traditional ceramic tile. It causes much better insulation. The thicker wear layer will cause longer sturdiness. It also has much more sensible look.

Cons : It is a little bit pricey for, basically, plastic ceramic tile.

Deluxe Vinyl (Timber)

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Grade: A-.

Some might say, it is close to previous LVT. But, in fact, it has a totally various look than stone appearance. Another factor, it seems that it copies than stone-look LVT.

Pros : Thick wear layer means better resilience, and slightly warmer flooring. Many wood types look extremely like the actual thing.

Cons : It has a doubtable resale value. People may see it as plastic floor.

Wood-Look Porcelain Ceramic Tile

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(Grade: A).

Wood-look floor tile is resistant to moisture. If you see it in a glance, it looks like wood. It is a porcelain floor tile in long and slim slabs with lovely graphics.

Pros : It has eye-catching appearances; because it looks much like genuine timber and water resistant.

Cons : It is a costly choice. Because it is ceramic tile, it remains chilly. You need to mount radiant heating mats.

Luxury Vinyl Plank (Wood)

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Grade: A-.

We might assume that wood-look luxury plastic flooring is simply the specific effect to LVT. In truth, wood-look deluxe plastic size is available in planks around 6″ x 48″. It is definitely dissimilar appearance than rock look’s regular 16″ x 16″ squares.

Pros : The thick wear layer indicates greater longevity. The general density implies a little warmer flooring. When you see them, there are several wood types which look so real.

Cons : It may lessen your resale value. Some ordinary buyers still see it as simply vinyl flooring, which affect the price.


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Grade: D.

Concrete is the first and vivid basement flooring idea. When you have got the concrete slab, you should take care of splits by paint it or seal it. For years concrete has actually come into bigger approval by property owners. On the other hand, never think that concrete needs to stay in its original state. You can paint or tarnish it to give it a different look.

Pros : It is the most moisture-hardy basement flooring idea. It needs the least quantity of products and you do not need a sub-floor.

Cons : You need more labor than you may expect. Concrete must be 100% clean before you do any deal with it. Meanwhile, it is the coldest of all basement flooring alternatives.

Ceramic Tile

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Grade: A.

Floor tile stands for the very best of all choices. It certifies as a finished surface area, yet this is a surface area which resists water. Ceramic tile can be mounted directly on your concrete piece. Regarding the cold basement floors, you can put down radiant heat coils under the floor tile.

Pros : The tile will dry out and also be intact in the event of flooding. It is a a relatively very easy DIY job.

Cons : The chilly floor will need radiant heat.

Standard Laminate

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Grade: B.

In the last decade, it has turned into one of the far better basement flooring ideas. The basic reason this is the intro of the supposed waterproof laminate. It goes under brand names like Mannington iCore. But, you can still use traditional laminate flooring in the basement.

Pros : It is one of the warmer basement flooring ideas, easy DIY installment and  100% water-proof.

Cons : You will need to install subfloor and it has hollow sensation under feet.


waterproof basement flooringsource: freshome.com

Grade: B.

It has no wood web content; consequently, it will not swell. In all honesty, it still looks for a market share. But, if you love “timber appearance” with zero moisture troubles, you need to stop here.

Pros : It is one of basement floorings which have 100% waterproof. It withstands damp concrete installments and will help you achieve the look of timber.

Cons : It is not only limited series of style choices but also much more expensive than traditional laminate flooring.

Wall to Wall Carpet

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Grade: C.

You are not completely wrong, when you think rug is the most awful flooring product in washrooms. Does this mean that carpet is additionally a bad basement flooring idea? Not really. If you exclude flooding, you can opt for this.

Pros : It stands among the finest basement flooring ideas. You are free from radiant heating installation, even though it is pricy. You can dry or wash it if the worst happened.

Cons : Even though rug is dryable, it takes industrial-quality drying out devices or services to get it done perfectly.

Carpet Squares

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Grade: B.

Carpet squares have actually improved. The designs, materials and also shades have developed well. Then again, you can pull up cautiously and change rug squares. It is more difficult to remove wall-to-wall carpets.


undefinedsource: thespruce.com

Grade: C.

Cork made of cork trees. Hence, it has the weakness of natural materials.

Pros : It provides good insulation versus cold basement floorings. It feels soft under your feet and it has a lot more cachet compared to a plastic floor, but with many of the exact same top qualities.

Cons : It is susceptible prone to wear and tear. Next, it could be difficult to mount.

Engineered Timber

basement flooring options over concretesource: freshome.com

Grade: B.

We will raise our eyebrows when we enter into the organic materials, regarding basement flooring ideas. It is due to the fact that, as we all know, timber is originated from trees, it does not stand up well to wetness. Henceforth, solid wood is not a wise material of flooring for basements. To solve this case, we have engineered wood flooring, which is dimensionally-stable.

Pros : It is a decent choice. But, clearly it is not the ideal item, when we relate it to wetness. It stands among the appealing basement flooring options.

Cons : You will need sub-floor and spend more.


best flooring for basementsource: instructables.com

Grade: D.

Most likely, we see rubber flooring in some health clubs, garages, dancing or fighting styles workshops, as well as pools. Nonetheless, you may think about rubber for cellar. You may apply it if your basement is meant to be a playground. Roll rubber will cost you about $3 each square foot. For a second time, we remind you that rubber is a kind of flooring at commercial gyms.

Pros : With rubber in your hand, you got maximum insulation against basement subfloor cold. You provide a soft surface area for walking and water-proof feature.

Cons :  Evidently, rubber flooring is not for living areas like, bedroom, shower room, cooking area. It is used for exercising, storage area, playground, etc.

To sum up things, whatever flooring you opt for, the essential point is you take actions to keep your basement as completely dry. It means you rate out foundation dirt. As a result, it slopes far from structure walls, at least four inches over 10 feet.

You may discuss with your family about the best option to take. You can also combine some basement flooring based on your need and you available budget. Good luck!

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